How to Get Him Back After a Break Up – My Successful Travel Blogging Method May Help You

Do you want to know how to get him back after a break up? Then you really should read my story carefully. Using this travel blogging method, I got my ex boyfriend back to me without any tough work. In fact, it’s been done with fun. Here is what I did.

I first sent him an email to express that I accept his decision, but we can always be ordinary friend. Then I just ignore him and disappear from his life. No phone call, no email, etc. In a word, make me completely unavailable to him. At the same time, I was planning a trip to Hawaii.

I recorded almost everything when I was in Hawaii, but the basic rule is to show all my blog visitors that how happy I was. I blogged about my lobster dinner in a first class restaurant, my bonfire party on the beach… I also uploaded many photos in which I am happily smiling or laughing loudly. In some photos, it’s just me alone, but mostly it’s me with many other tourists that I met there. By doing so, I want to give people a feeling that I am happy and I am not lonely.

I made many videos too and uploaded them to YouTube and then embed them into my blog. In one video, I recorded some surfers at Waikiki beach and I even talked with one of them. I told him that my ex boyfriend is also good at it. I especially emphasized the word “EX”. This is a trick that I did on purpose. I praised my ex, but spoke in a very flat voice. This will make him happy but also show him that I now only consider him as an ordinary friend. And I live a wonderful life even without him.

After I came back, I emailed my blog url to all of my friends, include my ex boyfriend. But just put his email address among with all other friends, nothing special. Then one week later, I invited him and some other friends to my home for a party to share my travel experience with them. I told them many funny stories that I experienced in Hawaii, showed them the videos I recorded, gave a lovely gift I bought there to everyone attended, and we had a really happy night.

Guess what? After the party, my ex boyfriend found an excuse to stay late after all other friends left and he finally didn’t go back to his home. So you see how to get him back after a break up is not a rocket science. In fact it’s easy, isn’t it?

You can work out your own unique plan and it may work even better.

I am not much cleverer than you. I was just as desperate as you are now at first. Then I stumble upon a very helpful website which teaches people about how to get him back after a break up. I got the idea when I was surfing on that site and then made a whole action plan in 3 days.

Warning: you must take action NOW before it’s too late. Or else your ex boyfriend is going to date some

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